Be the Water Bottle: Demonstrating Good Data Management

September 16, 2020

“Be the water bottle”. That’s the message from DataStream Data Specialist Patrick LeClair in this practical demonstration of what good data management looks like, taken from the recent Data Management Best Practices webinar. 

Wondering what he could possibly mean? 

Patrick uses two vastly different water samples, a cloudy concoction and a transparent liquid, to depict data while their containers - a hard to access box and an easily opened water bottle respectively - represent databases.


You can watch the full Data Management Best Practices webinar on our YouTube channel, alongside the rest of the Dive into Data webinar series. Find out about and register for future webinars here, and if you have any suggestions for topics please do get in touch with us at


Dive into Data Webinar Series

We’re excited to launch a new webinar series to explore the (sometimes complicated) always exciting world of water data!  

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