Celebrating Citizen Science Day 2019

April 12, 2019

These case studies complement a year-long initiative led by The Gordon Foundation, Living Lakes Canada and WWF-Canada with the aim of identifying how the federal government can meaningfully and effectively engage with and support CBWM in Canada. The outcomes of the initiative include a wide range of recommendations on capacity building, effective monitoring, regional and national collaboration, data management and informing decision-making. You can read more about this project here.

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FAIR and CARE Data Principles

Technology has helped facilitate the growth of data sharing and the rise of open data – a movement that DataStream is proud to be part of. When water data is open and accessible it can be used to better inform decision-making and stewardship efforts.

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New DataStream Upload Template (v2.0)

New DataStream Upload Template (v2.0)

DataStream’s new Upload Template (v2.0) makes it easier for data stewards to format data while allowing for new data types like sediment.

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DataStream en Français

DataStream en Français

We are pleased to announce that DataStream now offers a bilingual site for sharing and accessing water quality data in Canada.  All website content is now available in French, across the Mackenzie DataStream, Atlantic DataStream, and Lake Winnipeg DataStream hubs.  

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