DataStream Wins Water's Next Award

June 22, 2018

River with green grass in a valley

DataStream Publishes Open Data Standard to Support Water Science

The publication of an open data standard is enabling valuable freshwater data to be organized, accessed, and shared in a harmonized way. This data standard underpins  DataStream, a growing online platform for sharing water data collected by Canada’s diverse water monitoring and research community.

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New Feature: DOIs on DataStream

Ensuring that water quality data on DataStream is easy to find, access, use and reuse is at the centre of our mission. For this reason, we have dedicated a lot of time exploring ways to integrate permanent identifiers into your datasets.

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Three hands with fish.

Celebrating Citizen Science Day 2019

Happy Citizen Science Day! This April 13, we are celebrating the countless community-based monitoring groups and citizen scientists contributing their knowledge and energy to understanding the health of watersheds all across the country.

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