NEW FEATURE: Custom Download Tool

November 24, 2021

Using dataset Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

When datasets are published on DataStream they are assigned a DOI. This is a permanent URL that will never break.

The first column in the custom download file will contain the DOI for the dataset that the related observation came from. You can use this DOI link to access the dataset level metadata (e.g., abstract, contact email, type of open data license, and recommended citation).

Many datasets on DataStream are published under an attribution license. This means that if you use the data the original source needs to be cited.

Give us your feedback

The Custom Download tool is currently in beta, and your feedback will help us make it even better. Please contact us to let us know what improvements and features you’d like to see!

Image showing a laptop with a DataStream visualization showing a graph with various points.

DataStream’s New How-To Video Series

DataStream’s new how-to video series provides guidance on using the open-access platform to publish and explore water monitoring data. The first four videos walk data stewards through various steps of the process, beginning with how to upload and update datasets:

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Dehcho K’ehodi Guardians use a YSI to measure pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature

Community-based water monitoring roundtable documents now available in French

Recommendations that address how the federal government can strategically support community-based water monitoring (CBWM) efforts across Canada are now available in English and French.

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