New Feature: Explore Data by Watershed

July 11, 2019

DataStream’s new watershed boundary layers cut back on guesswork and make it easier to explore data in the regions that matter to you. We’ve incorporated watershed map layers across all three platforms thanks to geospatial data available on Canada’s Open Government Portal (open data for the win!).

About our watershed layers

Watershed boundaries featured on DataStream are based on the Water Survey of Canada’s “Sub-Drainage Areas” (there are 164 of them). To learn more about the source files used, visit our references page.

Mouth of the Saint John's Harbour in Newfoundland looking into the harbour from the ocean

Blockchain technology put to new use in freshwater health

With support from the RBC Foundation and WWF Canada, DataStream is now leveraging blockchain technology to offer a level of data security and transparency not seen on any other water platform.

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People sitting at a lodge by a fire at the atlantic datastream kickoff

Atlantic DataStream Kickoff - Breakout Summary

On day two of the Atlantic DataStream kick-off participants gathered at the Tidal Bore Lodge for some breakout sessions, networking and discussion about moving forward with Atlantic DataStream and Atlantic Water Network.

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