Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataStream?

DataStream is a place to store, share, access, and visualize water monitoring data. It's open-access, meaning that it is free and open for anyone to use.

Who is DataStream for?

DataStream is designed to support information-sharing amongst a growing community of water champions in order to advance evidence-based decision-making and collaborative water stewardship. 

Who is leading DataStream?

DataStream is led by The Gordon Foundation at the national level and is carried out in collaboration with regional monitoring networks. Current regional partners include Atlantic Water Network (Atlantic DataStream), Lake Winnipeg Foundation (Lake Winnipeg DataStream), and the Government of the Northwest Territories (Mackenzie DataStream).

What kind of data is on DataStream?

DataStream is built to accommodate a wide range of water quality data including physical, chemical and biological characteristics, pesticides and hydrocarbons. These data are important in assessing aquatic ecosystem health. 

Where does the data come from?

We work with Indigenous Nations, community groups, researchers and governments that are collecting data through diverse monitoring initiatives. Those collecting the data maintain responsibility for, and control over, their monitoring activities.

Who owns the data?

A core principle of DataStream’s Data Policy is that data contributors maintain complete ownership of their data and do not give up any intellectual property rights. For more information see our Data Policy and Terms of Use.

How do I share data on DataStream?

You will need a DataStream account to upload data. There are no associated service or user fees. Please contact us to get started.

How do I need to format my data for upload?

Data is uploaded to DataStream in .csv (comma separated value) format. Our data upload template accommodates a wide range of water monitoring results and associated metadata. Additional documents (like pdf reports or photos) can be included as attachments to your dataset after upload.

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